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When I think back and remember how this started. Who would have thought it? Certainly not me? This is something that I would not have dreamed that I would be doing. Not in a million years! Still, I suppose, when your life has crumbled around you, when even your body conspires against you and the person you trusted most in the world has left your life, what else do you do?

Most of us, just like me, need something to shock us out of the type of life we had before. Would I have asked for it? You must be joking! No way. I was far too content in my own little world. No one can hurt me here. If I go outside it might be far worse so, I am staying here.

I remember those thoughts. I guess they come from a sense of fear. Fear of the unknown. In our past lives, each one of us has tried to make a change to “make things better”. Some work and some don’t so we just carry on doing the best we can. Content in our mediocre ways. And then IT happens! Change! Each one of us has two instincts - fight or flee. Which one did you choose? Or was the choice taken away from you?

These days I have moved on from that. After 12 months I am still a novice but I have a good teacher and the best friends a person could hope for. They encourage me, support me and understand my needs and help me get what I need. It is such a warm and cozy feeling to be surrounded by these good people. I am compelled to help in any way I can.

Most Sundays we get together. It is so hard to express what I feel. All I know is that now I am part of this family. We come together in this special place. As you walk through the door you look around and see your family there. They see you enter, they smile, give you a cheery wave, some speak and make you welcome. You make your way to your seat and chat with your family including those who have joined us on zoom. Then it is time to start, the pastor leads us in prayer, we have hymns, readings and sometimes we have communion. We also have, something new to me, open prayer. If you choose to, each person says their own prayer out loud.

A while ago I would have chuckled at the idea of me taking part in such an event. These days it has a totally different impact on me. Some days I just listen to what’s going on. Others I join in the open prayer. This I find quite hard to do but sometimes I am moved to take part if I feel strongly about a subject. I also have to confess that sometimes I weep as I pray but no one minds, no one judges. My family is so trusting.

The family of which I speak I did not know 12 months ago, now they are my arms, my legs, my eyes, my heart. Oh, my heart! What amazing things have happened in there. If other people saw my family they would describe it as small and it is, but just look beneath the surface! There you will find an enormous heart created by something outside this world!

That something is with me all the time. He has changed my life, completely turned it around. I had a good education but still, I can’t find the words to describe it properly to you. I had to look elsewhere. My teacher gave me this book. He calls it the Bible. Inside it is the truth.

Maybe you would like to join my family? 


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